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The Winery U Kapličky was established in 2005. It focuses on the production of predicate wines made from grapes grown in our vineyards. As a family business we care about the high quality of our products and services. It is a real joy for us and a matter of professional pride and family honour.

Our wines

Quality predicate wines produced from grapes grown in our vineyards
Dalibor Wine
Fresh Wine
Straw wines
Dalibor Sparlink Wine
Terroir Cllub
The annual production capacity is around 500,000 bottles, which are divided into the above-mentioned lines.

Taste our wines

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The genesis of the winery
The present day
Wine production
Wine awards

The genesis of the winery

The Winery U Kapličky is a family business founded in 2005. We focus on the production of predicate wines made from grapes grown in our vineyards. We care about quality and all family members are involved in every production step. It is a matter of family honour, reputation and it is also our passion.

The winery was founded and built by Rostislav Žďárský. The whole area combines vineyards, processing plants, a restaurant, a vinotheque, representation and tasting rooms and facilities for organizing various events, including a comfortable guest house. Mr. Žďárský is the soul of the enterprise and the beating heart of the whole company. Everything – from the basic concept to the smallest detail – comes from his head. He has left his mark on the winery exterior, on the cellars with a total length of 360 m, and on the rotunda. Even the decorations, such as the door fittings, candlesticks, the original bottle design, and many more, bear his imprint. 

The first vintage in the Winery U Kapličky took place in 2006. The original intention was to establish a small winery, but the company kept growing, until it reached its current capacity of 500,000 bottles per year. It has almost one hundred hectares of vineyards in the tracks U Kapličky, Plochovy, Kalvárie, Novomlýnský svah, Nová hora and Růžový vrch.

The company´s chief winemaker is Dalibor Babáček, who gave his name to the highest line of wines - Dalibor. His mark is imprinted in the quality of the wines produced by our winery. Each wine passes through his hands, he will vouch for each of them, because it was his time and care that he devoted to their creation. This care and consistency shows in the fine-tuned and mature taste of each of our wines.

The present day

We will be happy to welcome you and offer you a tour of our cellars with guided wine tasting. In addition to the unequalled treat for your palate you can learn a little more about the production of wine first hand during our instructive and entertaining presentation. Our stylish wine bar and the Moravian Cellar host all kinds of social events, such as tastings, corporate parties, private events, weddings, banquets, etc. Corporate training and seminars can utilize our two congress centres with three halls. One congress hall is located in the winery and two halls are in the Na Vyhlídce compound. You can also make your stay more pleasant by visiting our wellness, where you can relax in the middle of vineyards.

On weekends, we will be happy to welcome you to the Retro Music Club for regular dance evenings. You can dance to the rhythm of older and modern music, it's up to you.

Our stylish Retro Grill restaurant, featuring vintage motorcycles, offers quality cuisine and an attractive combination of dishes with our predicate wines.

The new Na Vyhlídce compound also includes a restaurant and a guest house with a capacity of 31 rooms and 85 beds.

Wine production

Our company combines tradition with an innovative approach. We believe that methods tested by time are sometimes really the best, at least in terms of cultivation and some processing steps. However, we also apply the cutting edge winemaking technology in the process of wine production.

A very gentle crusher-destemmer, together with a sorting table, ensures quality separation of pips only from healthy grapes. The resulting mash is immediately cooled to a low temperature in a flow exchanger, which protects the aromatic substances. To increase the aromatic profile of white wines, maceration at low temperatures is used and the so-called cryomaceration. This is done in a special Fracchiolla container. For white varieties we use the up-to-date French Vaslin Bucher press working in a protective nitrogen atmosphere. The Willmes press for blue grapes operates at low pressure without air access. The skins and bits of stems from pressing are returned to the vineyard in the form of organic fertilizer.

Controlled fermentation is used for the white varieties and stainless steel vinifiers help vinify the red wines. "Great" white wines fermented in barrels and all red wines are pumped for further processing and maturation to the cellar. It was excavated about 12 m below the surface of a romantic hill in the middle of our vineyards. This hill offers a magnificent view of Novomlýnské lakes, whose surface reflects the limestone peaks of Pálava.

Wine awards

We regularly gain success at international wine competitions.
Recently, we can boast of winning a gold medal for Zweigeltrebe - claret 2019 in the competition “Women and Rosé Wines of the World”.
A grand gold medal was awarded to Chardonnay 2018 at Festwine 2019. Concourse Mondial De Bruxelles gilded our straw wine Bobulky od Kapličky 2018.
Sauvignon 2018 won the grand gold medal at Meditina 2019. At the Michelangelo Wine and Spirit Awards, our Sylvan Green 2017 won a grand gold medal.
Pálava brought us a double gold medal from Terravino in Israel for a 2015 selection of grapes.

Our Zweigeltrebe also boasts of a gold medal, which is extraordinary success in the cradle of some of the best red wines in the world. We left the multi-round Prague Wine Trophy with 5 stars (with an average of the three best wines rated 90 or more points).

Novinky z vinařství

Pravidelně získáváme úspěchy na českých i mezinárodních vinařských soutěžích.
Wine cellars
Production facilities
Our vineyards

The Wine Bar

The wine bar with its fireplace and other equipment is great for organizing tastings, corporate events, banquets, birthday celebrations and weddings. We serve regional specialties, including home-made smoked meat directly from the smokehouse, Moravian pig-slaughtering specialities, home-made sausages, Moravian cakes and other selected delicacies according to your wishes.

Total capacity is 60 people plus 20 people in the adjacent Moravian Cellar. The Wine Bar together with the Moravian cellar and the outdoor area of the Winery U Kapličky can accommodate up to 190 people. Traditional Moravian folk band or a rock band can play for you to listen to or to dance to. Come and soak up the atmosphere of the stylish environment and let yourself be carried away by wines that will not disappoint you.

Conditions for organizing events - all events must be booked in advance. The minimum number of guests is 40 people. If the number of your guests is lower, still contact us, as another group of guests can be added.

Moravian Cellar

The Moravian Cellar is connected to the wine bar and can accommodate up to 80 people (30 seats). At the customer's request, a thematic wine tastings can be organized (including vintage wines), social events of various kinds, banquets, etc.

Na vyhlídce

The new compound "Na Vyhlídce" (The Vista) got its name thanks to the unique view of the Lednice-Valtice Area, the Nové Mlýny reservoir, Pálava Hills and the surrounding vineyards. This sight enchants many visitors. Combine that view with the intoxicating taste of our wines and you will discover one of the most beautiful places in South Moravia.

The whole compound "Na Vyhlídce" also includes new cellars with a rotunda in the underground, which connects the entire cellar area with the original cellars built in 2005.

Production facilities

The premises of the new production hall are arranged simply to suit the production process as best as possible. Acacia and oak barrels with the volume of 1,000 l are used for the fermentation and maturation of our "great" white wines. Barrique barrels made of French and American oak are the best place to mature our wine.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards cover an area of less than 100 ha on the south-eastern, southern and south-western slopes of the vineyard tracks U Kapličky, Vinice, Skadar, Plochovy, Kalvárie, Novomlýnský svah, Nová hora and Růžový vrch in the cadastre of Zaječí in the Velkopavlovice sub region. All vineyards are managed according to the principles of higher integrated production.

White varieties
Hibernal, Chardonnay, Irsai Oliver, Kerner, Moravian Muscat, Pálava, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris, Rhine Riesling, Italian Riesling, Sauvignon, Solaris, Sylvan Green, Traminer Red and Grüner Veltliner.

Blue varieties
Alibernet, André, Cabernet Moravia, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dornfelder, Blaufränkisch, Blauer Portugieser, Pinot Noir, St. Lawrence and Zweigeltrebe.

Our winery is a full member of the Association of Integrated and Organic Grape and Wine Production.

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