Retro Music Club

Nenechte se zmýlit názvem, Retro music Club není jen o staré muzice. Zkušení DJové vám připraví nejen ty časem zaručené, nikdy nestárnoucí evergreeny rockové, popové či jiné hudby, ale také ty nejvymazlenější novinky. Kromě dobré hudby se můžete občerstvit u jednoho z našich čtyř barů. Pravidelně pořádáme různé kulturní akce a našimi hosty jsou známé osobnosti zvučných jmen, jako je Ben Cristovao, Leoš Mareš, Dara Rolins a nespočet úspěšných DJů. Tak se podívejte níže a nezapomeňte si rezervovat stůl.

Retro Music Club

Make no mistake about the name, Retro Music Club is not just about old music. Experienced DJs will prepare the time-guaranteed evergreens of rock, pop or other music, but also the most elaborate new releases. In addition to good music, you can have some refreshment in one of our four bars. We regularly organize various cultural events and our guest stars include famous personalities, such as Ben Cristovao, Leoš Mareš, Dara Rolins and countless successful DJs. So look below and don't forget to book a table.
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Upcoming events at the Retro Music Club

Take the retro-car to the club, free of charge

Book a ride to the club! Every weekend from 7 p.m.
We drive within a radius of 35 km to the Brno Olympia!

* the condition for transport to the club is the large car occupancy by five people and the small car occupancy by four people.
722 213 832 (až 8 lidí)
606 044 033 (až 8 lidí)
702 194 808

What it looks like here

See our bars and photos from events at the Retro Music Club

The lower bar by the dance floor

The lower bar by the dance floor is always at hand if you need a refreshment during the dance evenings. In the whirl of dance, you can invite your "darling" for a shot…

The upper bar at the smokehouse

The bar is complemented with a stylish smokehouse; it is in a horseshoe shape so that more thirsty guests can be served and our bartenders can mix drinks to their taste …

Jack´s Bar

This new bar provides a retreat from the dance floor; you can discuss many a life story here with our clever bartenders while sampling a great mixed drink …

Mini bar

The minibar, just like our other bars, is fully equipped and ready to refresh you if needed. Many people have their last glass here before leaving for home ...

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