In the Zaječí municipality we own 14 ha of former gravel pits offering sport fishing. These gravel pit lakes have been stocked with carp, grass carp, pike, catfish, sturgeon and beluga. We can guarantee a catch of trophy size fish.

Rental of cabins and fishing permits

Contact person is
Ludovít Minda
+420 725 924 195
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How it works

Operating hours:

Day-time fishing: 6AM - 10PM
Night-time fishing: 10PM - 6AM


All-day permit: 400 CZK
All-night permit: 400 CZK
Night-time fishing only with purchase of Day-Night-Day permit.

Fishing rules:

Fishing with barbless hooks only, maximum of three rods.
Fishing spots are around the entire perimeter of the lake. Water depth is 4 to 5 meters.
We offer rental of cabins with own bathroom facilities, bivouacing for fishermen, private fishing competition events.
Camping and swimming is available to fishermen with a paid permit.
The grounds offer refreshments, separate toilet facilities, showers, and a car park.
All payments on the premises can only be made in cash.

Call +420 725 924 195 for more information 

Cabin rental

New cabin at Štěrkáč Pond

Price 1400 CZK
Double-bed and two single beds, TV, standard bathroom with shower and toilet, dining table and chairs, kitchen with induction cooker, refrigerator, electric kettle and dishes.

Cabin at Štěrkáč Pond

Price 1200 CZK
Double-bed and two single beds, TV, standard bathroom with shower and toilet, dining table and chairs, kitchen with induction cooker, refrigerator, electric kettle and dishes.

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Fishing rules


Adventure Park s.r.o.
Vinařská 484, 691 05 Zaječí
IČ: 08198942, DIČ: CZ08198942



Operating hours for fishing
April – September
Monday to Sunday
6AM – 10PM day-time

10PM – 6AM night-time

Friday to Sunday
6AM – 10PM day-time

10PM – 6AM night-time

We allow “catch and release“ system of fishing, maximum three rods, hooks without barbs or microbarbs.



Day-time permit
400 CZK
6AM – 10PM
Night-time permit
400 CZK
10PM – 6AM

Purchase of fishing permit possible with an ID only. 

Children upto 12 years old accompanied by a permit holder can fish free of charge with one rod. (One permit holder can fish with two rods, the child with one rod)

Only a permit holder can fish. Each fisheman has to bear a fishing permit and an ID. The permit is non-transferable and is valid for one person only.

Upon entering the grounds each person voluntarily agrees to conform to the operating rules and is aware that any violation will result in the person’s removal from the grounds of the lake with no refund.

A night-time permit can be purchased only when fishing Day-Night-Day. Without a night-time permit one must leave the grounds by 10PM. All visitors must first report at the grounds’ manager.

Fishing sectors are designated by numbers.


Renting a 5-person cabin with own bathroom facilities and fully equipped kitchen is possible with the purchase of a fishing permit only.

1200 CZK per day
New cabin (2018)
1400 CZK per day


We allow “catch and release“ system of fishing with maximum of three rods.
It is strictly prohibited to use any keepnets or sacks!

We catch all types of fish with a barbless single-hook rig!

Throughout the year it is forbidden to fish for predators.

It is forbidden to use
braid lines
lead cores
fixed mounting
zig-rig (maximum length of hooklink 1 meter)
bait loading
lines thinner than 0,30 mm
While fishing, only escape installation is permitted, meaning if the fish should break away only the hook and line will stay hooked in, not the feeder or stone.

While taking photos with the fish you must hold the fish 50 cm above ground at the most, in a manner that if the fish should slip out of your hands, it must land on a mat which must be placed under the fish.

While handling your catch, maximum care must be taken with the help of a landing net, a wet foam mat and by pouring water over the fish. It is the fisherman’s duty to tend to any wound on the catch with disinfectant (Klinik) and after 5 minutes at the latest return the catch as carefully as possible to the lake.

A fisherman must bring:
a landing net of minimum dimensions 80x80x80cm. Mesh size must be small enough so that  the fins will not get entangled into the net.

tub-style mat
disinfection for treating wounds (Klinik)
A mat and a landing mat can be rented for 50 CZK per one rental.

During night-time fishing the fishing spot must be illuminated (electric light, torch, and such, visible from 50 meters afar).

Please display your fishing permit in a visible spot attached to a holder or a fork.



Beluga (Huso huso) must not be drawn to the shore. Unhooking of the catch must be done in the water and any manipulation with the fish must also be handled in the water.

Starting a fire on the grounds is allowed only with prior consent of the grounds manager and only in designated places. It is allowed to use charcoal grills.

Strict ban on cutting or breaking off branches from trees or bushes. Do not lean anything on these.

Damaging of any property is prohibited.

Fishermen must be positioned near their rods so that in case of need they are able to handle them.

Pitching tents and bivouacing is permitted with a valid fishing permit only.

Taking into consideration the health of the fish it is prohibited to use untreated, hard grains or food that is mouldy, fermenting or spoiled.

The operator is not liable for any damage to the health of the visitors  that was caused by their own irresponsibility, overestimating their abilities and physical capabilities, as well as by violating of these rules. For the same reasons will the operator not be held responsible for a possible death of a visitor.

Visitors are responsible for their own belongings. These must be properly secured so as to prevent their theft or damage, including belongings stored or left in the parked vehicles.

Dogs are not allowed.



In an effort to support honest, paying fishermen it was necessary to introduce strict, random checks in the entire area.

A fishing angler must upon request submit to a check by employees who act on behalf of the operator of the fishery district or the fishery guard. Personal luggage as well as a vehicle may be inspected.

Every fisherman is obligated to provide assistance to the owner of the district or to a control organ (fishery guard, Police of the Czech Republic etc.) while performing control activity on the grounds. With any breach of the rules in the above described manner the visitor will be expelled without refund and asked to leave the area within 30 minutes and banned from fishing on the grounds in the future.

Fishermen are obligated to keep order in the whole area and to behave properly.

It is prohibited to leave litter or cigarette butts on the shore or to throw these in the water.

Upon leaving the area the fishing spot must be in the same condition it was found on arrival.

Damage and littering will not be tolerated!

In case of discovering any major harm to a catch the fisherman is obligated to report this fact to the manager of the grounds who will decide whether to return the fish back in the water or not.

Entry to the area is prohibited to persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or psychoactive substances, or persons afflicted by a contagious disease.

Be a true fisherman! Keep order and cleanliness, behave in a respectful manner towards other visitors of the grounds.

Thank you for your understanding.

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